Challenge: Pricing Cards

Let's put what we've learned to the test and build an ACF block for pricing cards

Here's what we're building - an ACF block that displays two or more pricing cards. Whether or not you style them with Tailwind is completely up to you.

Use the image below as an example. If you want to design your own cards, go for it! However, try to incorporate all of the same elements.

Pricing Cards Challenge

Recommended Steps:

  1. Field group
    Start thinking about the fields you're going to need. Maybe a repeater?
  2. Scaffold and register your block
    Having a _template directory for you to duplicate for new blocks might be handy.
  3. Render template
    Focus on getting a static, responsive template built.
  4. Hook it all up
    Connect your ACF fields to your template. Will you allow more than two cards?

Once you're finished, show me what you came up with: @Joey_Farruggio

🤜 🤛 You did it!

If you've followed along, let me know how this went or if you have any questions.
@Joey_Farruggio or joey@joeyfarruggio.com