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…instead of painfully slow and frustrating.

I'm working on a course to show how I use WordPress to serve clients in my multiple-six figure consultancy. In the mean time

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    Joey Farruggio

    I'm Joey đŸ‘‹,

    I've been building with WordPress for almost 10 years. I've sold $50K WordPress projects and I've gotten to work with enterprise publishing clients and SaaS. I'll share end to end how I build WordPress websites and how to show clients and stakeholders the value of running WordPress on a modern dev stack.

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    ACF Blocks Mini Course

    • A Primer On Registering Blocks with ACF and block.json

      Let's set the ground work and scaffold our first ACF block.

    • Posts Loop Block with ACF and block.json

      Build a custom block to loop through your WordPress blog posts with Advanced Custom Fields and block.json.

    • How To Enable Core Block Features In ACF Blocks

      Take advantage of the core block editor color picker, add margin and padding, or set custom borders on your ACF block.

    • Inner Blocks - What Are They and How To Use Them

      We'll cover some clever patterns and use cases for Inner Blocks.

    • How To Integrate Tailwind CSS Into Your Theme and ACF Blocks

      Integrating Tailwind into WordPress's block editor presents some challenges. Here are some solutions.

    • ACF Blocks Powered with Alpine.JS

      What is Alpine and how to use it in themes and blocks

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